Extra Terra Fuses Dubstep and Cyberpunk On Sophomore Album, "Projekt 2077"

Cyberpunk has steadily been making its way into EDM, with artists increasingly showing interest in developing their own soundscapes based on dystopian worlds of the future. Extra Terra has been a mainstay in this experimental sound, fusing dubstep with cyberpunk-inspired sonics since as early as 2015. The artist's latest is his sophomore album, Projekt 2077, a high-intensity project blending his signature sound with dark synthwave, trance and techno stylings. 

Released independently on November 13th, 2020, Projekt 2077 is composed of nine tracks meant to "transport you to the year 2077," Extra Terra said on Twitter. It includes the previously released, Lazerpunk-assisted "Damage," a powerful and high energy club anthem, and "Street Kid," a stellar combination of heavy-hitting chords, pitched up synths and a steadily developing melody. Meanwhile, "X Æ A-12" is a clever wink at Elon Musk and Grimes, who famously gave their child the same name. Cinematic, creative and forward thinking, there's perhaps no better overview of the cyberpunk-electronic movement than Projekt 2077

Extra Terra first appeared in 2014, pursuing a dubstep style more reminiscent of Daft Punk than Black Tiger Sex Machine, whose techno and trap synthesis he now finds his sound adjacent to. Since then, the French producer has seen releases on Buygore, Firepower and FiXT Neon, among others. Projekt 2077 follows the successful Convergence 2045, the artist's debut album, released independently in 2019. 


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