Flume Drops Two Mind-Bending Singles From Forthcoming Third Album, “Palaces”: Listen

The rollout of Flume's Palaces continues to unravel with kaleidoscopic quality. 

Two new singles from Flume's first full-length project since 2019's Hi This Is Flume mixtape have hit streaming services, including the album's titular track featuring Damon Albarn. 

A lingering piano solo coupled with crescendoing soundscapes unfurls to introduce a melancholic vocal from Albarn, who appears roughly midway through "Palaces." The Gorillaz frontman's words resonate with a psychedelic, choral-like effect as Flume blasts into a big instrumental finish with lively drums and bursting synth chords.

Flume doesn't skimp on bringing equally vibrant synth work to "ESCAPE," a collaboration alongside ascendant bass music producer QUIET BISON and his "Hyperreal" collaborator, Kučka.

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Flume Drops Two Mind-Bending Singles From Forthcoming Third Album, "Palaces": Listen

Flume has dropped two noteworthy collaborations: "Palaces" alongside Damon Albarn and "ESCAPE" with Kučka and QUIET BISON.

The track opens with playfully bubbly vocals from Kučka before mutating rapidly into a frenetic cadence of rhythmic LFO edits and effects. The upbeat tone and vocal melody finds great contrasts with the stomping kicks and laser-like synths, glitching like a system in overdrive. Bending the perception of time and space in the scope of the sonic spectrum, it's clear Flume hasn't lost his edge.

The two tracks join Flume's previously released singles, "Say Nothing" and "Sirens" from his upcoming third album, which is due out in full on May 20th. You can stream both singles below.


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