Forgetmyname Unravels The Story Behind Her Recent Single “Crazy”

Following the debut singles “Complex” and “High,” Nicole, aka, Forgetmyname returns with a breakup song that could melt even the coldest of hearts. “Crazy” is produced by Isaac Buna, who has masterfully incorporated Pop and Electronic elements, emphasizing the Hispanic singer-songwriter’s dreamlike vocal performance.

Forgetmyname goes back to the night that inspired the narrative of the song, “It had been a while since that person was no longer living with me but I had this weird night before I went to the studio. I had woken up in the middle of the night and reached over thinking they were there and  when I realized I was alone I started frantically looking for this person all over my house not understanding they were not there.”

She continues, “When I got to the studio I wasn’t initially planning on writing anything about it but we moved to write it with just piano and all I wanted to talk about was that and all these weird tendencies I was catching myself doing since I had been on my own. It all happened pretty fast with this one but I'm very proud of it.”

Growing up in between houses, Nicole was exposed to a variety of sounds. She admits that her mother played a huge part in her love for music, “She has always pushed and supported me even in times where I know it was scary for her to do so.” In addition to her musical family, Forgetmyname is inspired by artists like Joji, Oscar and the Wolf, and the Cranberries.

“Crazy” will be accompanied by a music video, which is set to be released before the end of November.  Filmed in LA, the visuals are directed by Nicole’s good friend Max Romero (Mexicancowboy).

Listen to “Crazy” on Spotify: