Gramatik’s “Water 4 The Soul II” Album Is An Ode to Emerging Blockchain Technologies

"Strap on your headsets and gather all your assets," commands Stehreo in the introduction of Gramatik's new album, Water 4 The Soul II.

Gramatik's passion for blockchain technology is nothing new, but his latest effort reveals the multi-genre producer has only become more entrenched and enamored with the promises of the metaverse, digital collectibles and more. 

The nine-track effort is only available on blockchain-based streaming platform Audius thus far, and is chock full of nods to emerging cryptocurrency tech with titles like "Wagmi Express" and "Hodlers in Paris." Musically, Gramatik continues to derive inspiration at the intersection of funk and electronic with twangy pluck basses, jazzy piano riffs, and lively brass fanfare.

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Gramatik's "Water 4 The Soul II" Album Is An Ode to Emerging Blockchain Technologies

Gramatik is taking us down the metaverse rabbit hole.

Another particular highlight on the album is "Synthtopia Prime," the genesis track produced in the groundbreaking Audioglyphs DAW (digital audio workstation).

A collaboration between Gramatik, Luxas and Audioglyphs, the DAW has the potential to make "fully generative music possible at lossless audio quality." As Gramatik also notes, the DAW gives producers the flexibility to utilize it on the web through common browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

Sonically, "Synthtopia Prime" closes out the album on an ominous note, though it stands as an impressive testament to the technology's ability to generate high-quality modular sounds and deep, voluminous textures. 

Get ready to dive deep into the metaverse rabbit hole with Gramatik's Water 4 The Soul II, available now on Audius. The album will hit streaming platforms on January 28th.FOLLOW GRAMATIK: