HD-4884 Blows the Doors Off With Gritty Drum & Bass Track, “Closure”

HD-4884's latest offering is a turbulent, multi-genre concoction that is not for the faint of heart.

The ascendant bass music producer splashed onto EDM.com's radar last year with forward-thinking releases such as the gritty midtempo original "Portals" and "Coda 21." 

Now digesting HD-4884's "Closure" alongside Medina Johnson and SPIRIT SERVER, we're realizing this enigmatic producer isn't quite done blowing the doors off. The new track is a sonic tornado whipping up quick-cutting drums, melodic vocal chops and ominous synths into its chaotic orbit.

Entering into its final act, the dust settles on "Closure" as the sonic environment turns to clearer skies while ushering in a calming wave of harmonizing vocal melodies and sweeping sonic textures, putting a neatly tied bow on this sonic journey.

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HD-4884 Blows the Doors Off With Gritty Drum & Bass Track, "Closure"

HD-4884, Medina Johnson and SPIRIT SERVER took time to hone the details of this intricate original.

Churning at hyper-speed, this statement-making original boasts the gritty distortion of midtempo bass with the frenzied sample-driven cadence of drum & bass. HD-4884 began exploring the untapped creative lane in the throws of the pandemic, but took their time perfecting the finer details of this intricate original.

Take a listen to "Closure" below.


Instagram: instagram.com/hd_4884
Twitter: twitter.com/hd_4884
Spotify: spoti.fi/3cl95lG