HUGEL Fuses Reggaeton and House Music In New Single, “Tamo Loco”

In the midst of a prolific year, surging house music producer HUGEL is back yet again with a new single, "Tamo Loco."

Created in collaboration with global reggaeton stars Lorna and Jenn Morel, "Tamo Loco" only serves to further solidify HUGEL’s presence in the Latin house scene. And it's destined to dominate dancefloors and entrance audiences all summer long.

HUGEL teamed up with Panamanian reggaeton singer Lorna and Dominican-American rapper Jenn Morel for the playful vocals of “Tamo Loco." Morel sets the tone with powerful bars, which complement Lorna’s staccato voice throughout the track as HUGEL produces crisp drums and sultry, crescendoing bassline. Add in some sax and you're left with a sexy and irresistible dance beat.

Since his hit 2021 release of “Morenita”, HUGEL has continued to produce infectious Latin house tracks like “El Sueno”, “La candela viva”, and “Pra Nao Dizer." “Tamo Loco” sees the Portuguese producer doubling down in the red-hot genre.

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HUGEL Fuses Reggaeton and House Music In New Single, "Tamo Loco"

"Tamo Loco" is an explosive and playful anthem from the breakout house music producer.

"I played this record on my American tour at every gig for an entire month,” HUGEL said in a statement. “People loved it…America is ready for this Latin house sound.” 

Listen to "Tamo Loco," which arrives by way of Insomniac Records, below.