Insomniac To Expand EDC Las Vegas for 10th Year Home Anniversary

Good news Headliners! Insomniac will be expanding EDC Las Vegas this year, meaning that it will take up the whole Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Surely, many you may be confused; you may be wondering how exactly will it be getting bigger. Luckily, we've got you covered.

The news was announced on social media by the founder Insomniac, . He announces the removal the pesky RV hookups that usually sit in the speedway. This will allow Insomniac to finally be able to take up all the space in the venue. According to Rotella, this means that there will be more space for neonGARDEN, quantumVALLEY, and pixelFOREST. This will also give ravers more space to roam around and explore.

Certainly, Insomniac is going all out for the EDC Las Vegas 10th year home anniversay. Not only this, but tickets for the music festival are completely sold out. This will definitely be a big year for this fantastic event. We are expecting many surprises this year.

If you are thinking about , you should sign up for the waitlist. You will not be guaranteed a ticket, but you increase your chances getting one. Trust us, it is definitely worth trying. You do not want to miss out.