Isaiah Wafer Drops An Album With Relatable Title, Quarantine

Isaiah Wafer has taken to his music to deliver a powerful message for the past 2 years of the world pandemic. Titled Quarantine, the album is sure to raise some brows, questions, and intrigue. The talented artist has devised a catching collection of tracks that is sure to appeal to a wide variety of listeners.

His album is known to take fans on an awe-inspiring adventure packed with raw passions and emotions. The skilled creator of sonic wonders has decided to take a slightly different path for an EDM mixed album.

Quarantine will have you hooked for the get-go with the track “Spaceship (intro),” as the artist introduces exciting rhythms, beats, and melodies. The vibrant hues of EDM are apparent throughout tracks such as “Lawless” and Virus.”

The artist has brought on famous names such as Junior Paes and Amitav to make his latest creation extra special.