Ivy Lab Release Forward-Thinking “Press Play” EP on Dirtybird White Label Series

Ivy Lab is in a lane of their own.

When it comes to mixing hip-hop and bass music, no one does it quite like the London-based electronic duo. Last week, they went even further outside the lines with a brand new, forward-thinking EP titled Press Play, released on Dirtybird's White Label series.

The EP is an evolution of Ivy Lab's signature sounds, from their early days producing drum & bass to their more obscure, experimental sound. Press Play dives deep into their roots of producing obscure, cinematic, and unsettling electronic hip-hop. Eerie and kinetic, the record opens with its titular track, a sultry trap cut, before "BBQ," a glitched-out halftime banger.

Artwork for Ivy Lab's "Press Play" EP.

Artwork for Ivy Lab's "Press Play" EP.

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Ivy Lab

Ivy Lab Release Forward-Thinking "Press Play" EP on Dirtybird White Label Series

The duo's new EP is an eerie song-cycle of hip-hop-inspired bass music.

The third song on the EP, "Dresden Codex," kicks off with a hypnotic cacophony of vocal samples before reaching its acid-inspired trap apex. The fourth track, "Options," is a classic drum & bass tune reminiscent of the duo's early days. It feels very much like an ode to that era, unfolding in a cinematic enclave with orchestral elements and frenetic drum programming.

Check out Ivy Lab's Press Play EP below. 


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