Join Heavy Vibes’ Shuffle Challenge for Their Latest Release, "Defy Me"

London-based duo Heavy Vibes appeared in the EDM scene just this February with the independent release of their four-track EP, In II Reality. Now, the group returns with their new single, "Defy Me." 

Immediately kicking off with guns blazing, the house-oriented "Defy Me" is loud and proud, incorporating bold bass beats, a four-to-the-floor rhythm scheme and a hearty dose of phaser effects. To boot, Heavy Vibes put a genre-bending spin on the song by fusing future house synths with a slower BPM and tropical house-inspired melodies. 

"This is our heaviest song to date, whilst still bringing a tonne of summer vibes and we'd imagine lots and lots of shuffling," the duo wrote on their Instagram.

Accompanying the release of "Defy Me" is a creativity challenge from Heavy Vibes, as they hope to spark a cultural movement in relation to the track. To join, you can use the tag #defymechallenge with videos of dancing and shuffling to "Defy Me," both on TikTok and Instagram.