Listen to Virtual Riot’s Filthy "Pray For Riddim" VIP

Dubstep don Virtual Riot is here with his latest awe-inspiring effort, dusting the cobwebs off his 2018 track "Pray For Riddim" to deliver a filthy VIP version. The new version proves that the German DJ and producer, who has long been championed as one of the pioneering sound designers in the bass music sphere, is still at the top of his game.

The original "Pray For Riddim" appears on Virtual Riot's German Engineering EP, which arrived by way of Disciple Records back in January 2018 en route to establishing itself as a bona fide fan-favorite of his staunch fanbase. Thrusting a syringe of adrenaline into the bicep of the original, he mutates it into a rip-roaring dubstep bomb that yearns for the rails of pre-pandemic yesteryear. The intricacies of his nuanced production, from the screeching synths to the syncopated drums to the arpeggiated bass in the drop, are on full display and remain as lethal as ever.

Where did this edit come from, you ask? "I’m in a generous mood today!" Virtual Riot tweeted on August 26th.

You can listen to the track below and download it for free here.