Kara Major Shares Inspiring New Single: “Everything Works Out”

Picture of Kara Major

Kara Major releases her latest track titled "Everything Works Out," inspired by the teachings of motivational speaker and author Abraham Hicks. The single is a high-vibe anthem that promotes positivity, hope, and the belief that “everything is working out for her.” The EDM artist’s passion for the message behind the song is palpable, and it's clear that she wants her listeners to not only enjoy the music but also take something valuable away from it. 

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, Kara’s influences range from artists like Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Alanis Morissette, Jay Z, Drake, Subtronics, Odesza, Kayzo, Joyryde, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta to authors, gurus, and speakers like Napoleon Hill, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Tony Robbins. Kara Major values the authenticity of her sources of inspiration and strives to deliver the same impact to her listeners that they have had on her. 

Through her music, she seeks to connect with her audience on a deep and meaningful level, drawing on the same authenticity and passion that has fueled her own creative journey. The message behind "Everything Works Out" is one that many people can benefit from, especially in today's world where negativity and pessimism are all too common. The song serves as a reminder that our thoughts and words have power and that we can create our reality through positive thinking and affirmations. 

Listen to “Everything Works Out” here: