Riot for Romance On Dreaming Of Headlining Festivals & Live Performances

Riot for Romance, the American post-punk band known for their intimate and personal lyrics, has discussed their dream of headlining at festivals like Coachella, Riot Fest, All Points East, and Wide Awake Festival. The band members, Jason Hansen, Brett Miotti, and Kelly Nunn, shared their process for preparing live performances and ensuring they provide the best possible experience for their fans. 

As Kelly Nunn explains, "Performing live is an art form. It takes dedication and hard work to complete a live performance so that it's engaging and entertaining at the same time." The band dedicates numerous hours perfecting their set, fine-tuning the song order, rehearsing breaks, and ensuring their live performance retains the essential elements of their recordings while incorporating exclusive elements for the live audience.

The band members also revealed their process for interpreting covers in their own style. They start by looking at classic or deep cut songs that have room to be sonically reinterpreted and played differently. Nunn, Miotti, and Hansen, put their spin by sharing their ideas and contributions with each other, creating a collaborative and organic process that results in a unique and personalized rendition of the original song.

Riot for Romance's aspiration to headline at festivals showcases their commitment to delivering an unparalleled live experience for their audience. Their innovative method of covering songs and the meticulous preparation they undertake for live performances exemplifies their collaborative and organic approach to music-making. This approach has translated into a catalog of emotive and relatable tracks that captivates listeners.

Check out the band’s music below: