Kaskade Goes Lo-Fi On "When You’re Dreaming" with Finnstagram

2020 has thrown us a lot of curveballs, the latest of which is Kaskade entering the lof-fi world with his new track "When You're Dreaming" featuring Finnstagram.

The journey began last week when he released "Parasite," the lead single off his forthcoming Destinations: Living Room project. Very few producers can traverse the popular stylings of any given era with such grace as Kaskade, and he's here to show us how it's done right.

Never one to be conformed to a genre box, Kaskade enlists the help of Finnstagram to deliver a whimsical soundscape of muted synths, smooth electric guitar riffs, and beautifully syncopated percussion patterns that just hit differently than any of his other works. It feels as if we are receiving an old radio broadcast for the current age. While we're all confined to our living rooms, this is the perfect soundtrack to let us sonically escape. 

You can listen to "When You're Dreaming" below.


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