Robin Schulz Turned Bob Marley and the Wailers’ "Sun Is Shining" Into a Dance Music Smash

Robin Schulz will "make you want to move your dancing feet" with his new remix of the Bob Marley and the Wailers classic "Sun Is Shining."

Arriving in the peak of summer, Schulz puts a pep in the step of this near 50-year old cut. A swirl of filtered pianos unfurls into a cadence of tropical soundscapes and warm guitar chords that will leave you wanting to dance the day away. 

Robin Schulz has demonstrated a knack for reimagining songs of the past with a modern day dance music spin, most notably with his song "Sugar" with Francesco Yates, which incorporated the lyrics from Baby Bash's "Suga Suga." With his latest effort, Schulz's approach remains similarly well thought out, preserving much of the original reggae elements on "Sun Is Shining." 

Released in 1971, "Sun Is Shining" first appeared on Bob Marley and the Wailers' album Soul Revolution. The bridge of Schulz's remix is an authentic window to the source material, as it slows the tempo and cuts out the drums to introduce a laid-back interlude. Reggae-style guitar riffs set the pace for Marley's vocals prior to the song ramping back up. Schulz doesn't hesitate to take risks during the song's final push, leaning into vocal chop-driven melodies into the song's close.