Kendal Conrad Drops Spellbinding Breakup Anthem “Car Crash”

Some songs just make you feel powerful, and that's the case with Kendal Conrad's latest single "Car Crash." This is the type of track you put on when you are needing that extra boost of confidence after a not-so-pretty breakup. Let Conrad tap into that built-up angst for you.

In the sultry "Car Crash," Conrad interpolates her emotive vocals with gorgeous ambient electronic sound design. While the track isn't actually about a car crash, she shrewdly incorporates foley elements throughout its arrangement, like police sirens and shattering glass, to tie into the song's overarching theme. The electronic pop tune's brooding lyricism is amplified by its spellbinding production, which is highlighted by thick 808s and melancholic guitar plucks.

Check out "Car Crash" below and find the track on streaming platforms here.

Conrad comes to us from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The singer-songwriter saw viral success in 2019, when her original track "Leader of the Pack" garnered over 26 million views on TikTok and over 1 million plays on SoundCloud. She's gone on to perform a duet alongside Keith Urban and has opened for many major artists in the country music scene, including Blake Shelton, Kane Brown, and more.

"It's about the aftermath," Conrad said of her latest tune. "'Car Crash' is about the role gossip plays in the breakdown of a budding relationship: when the elated feeling of new love drives over a spike strip laid out by the vicious rumor mill. You're lying broken and shattered on the ground, hurt and disoriented, wondering what the hell hit you."