Kumarion Releases VIP Edit of Breakthrough Bass Single "Want It" Ahead of Remix EP [Q&A]

Earlier today, Kumarion debuted his VIP edit of “Want It,” his 2020 hit that put the blossoming electronic music producer on the map. The edit is the first promotional release ahead of the Want It - Remixes EP, which celebrates one of the year's top trap tracks and reanimates the excitement behind Kumarion.

Born in Seattle, Kumarion's music career took shape after becoming enraptured with the drum & bass genre in 2011. Exposed through the punk and reggae scenes, he found admiration in the culture as well as the chaotic styles of dub and jungle music. He began making dark, melodic music on his own, subsequently forging his current moniker, Kumarion, in 2015.

“Want It” stole the show during the abrupt 2020 festival season, earning co-signs from Boombox Cartel, CloZee, Feed Me, JOYRYDE, RL Grime, Louis the Child and Subtronics. To date, the single has racked up over 400,000 plays on Spotify.

The remix bundle's intentions are set with the VIP edit, which celebrates the original with a more cinematic approach. The EP offers a wide array of styles, sounds and speeds that effectively commemorate the true purpose of Kumarion, which is to balance aggression and harmony to cultivate forward-thinking music. With the dance music community and contemporaries behind him, Kumarion is pledged to delivering dynamic art that contributes to continued prominence of drum & bass in America. 

Stream "Want It (VIP)" here.

EDM.com: This song has been arguably one of the top tracks in electronic music in 2020. How much has the response from fans and artists alike meant to you?

Kumarion: It's honestly mind-blowing. I didn’t think it would pop off the way it did to be honest. It's nice to finally feel heard and I am forever grateful for that.

EDM.com: When did this track begin for you? When did you start on it and what was the moment you knew it was going to be big?

Kumarion: I started it after coming home from Bass Canyon 2019. I felt super inspired from what I’ve heard and I wanted to take a shot at writing that type of bass music. I ended up sitting on it for a few months, because I didn't think it was good enough. At that point my roommates thought I should just shoot my shot and send it to Jadu Dala. It ended up coming out the following year in early February. The initial response was pretty crazy. Ended up being number 1 on Beatport’s left-field bass section for months. 

EDM.com: In your opinion, what makes this track so special to so many?

Kumarion: Some people have told me they really love the initial intro and how vibey it is, while others have said that they love the sudden switch-up and that tone dial harmonic midbass in the drop. I personally think it's the short and catchy pre-drop vocal that makes it so memorable. 

EDM.com: What does it mean to you to play a part in growing the profile of the drum & bass genre in America?

Kumarion: For me, DnB was my first love, and it will always be the thing that I will advocate for here in America. It’s so frustrating to me that there aren’t any DnB massives here in the US like there are in Europe. There is something special about the genre that nothing else can touch and I just want people to see that. It's an absolute honor to be known for it here in the US and I feel like it's a responsibility I have to uphold and remain true to, despite it being an extremely challenging task. 

EDM.com: Recently you performed for the first time ever as Kumarion at a drive-in show. What was that experience like? How was it performing music for a live audience for the first time?

Kumarion: Not gonna lie, I was absolutely terrified seconds before hopping on that stage. I kept playing out scenarios in my head where I would trip over my words on the mic and absolutely embarrass myself, but the second I hit that play button on the first track, the rest was clockwork. 

EDM.com: Let’s talk about the remix pack. Talk us through your VIP version. What inspired the changes and how does it affect the song?

Kumarion: Well the initial version is at 160 BPM, and I wanted to write a version that I can play in my sets, which I usually run at around 172 BPM. Not too big of a change, but enough to make it a smoother time for me to personally play up on the stage. 

EDM.com: Do you have a favorite edit on the EP? Which one was most exciting to you and why?

Kumarion: They’re all amazing to be honest, but we have one absolute legend that takes the cake for me. Shout out to everyone on that remix EP. There's a little something in there for everyone.

EDM.com: What plans are in store for the Kumarion project going forward? Can fans expect any more releases/shows from you in 2020?

Kumarion: As far as the rest of 2020 goes, I have the Want It VIP/remixes coming out next month, as well as a remix to close the year for two artists I’m a big fan of. Otherwise, I plan to focus the rest of this year on writing some really special tunes for 2021. 


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