LA Laura Paris Arrives with Electro-Pop Gem “Game Over”

LA Laura Paris "Game Over"

LA Laura Paris is back with her new single, "Game Over." It is an uptempo track with fierce electro-pop beats coupled with reflective lyrics, which deliver a nostalgic journey inside the dance floors of the contemporary flights of modern relationships.

It's a song dealing with sentiments of emotional resilience and self-respect. One having experienced personal heartbreak, inspired by the classic "j'aime qui je suis, je me respecte, les cons de nuit, je les éjecte," one will be pleasantly surprised to find the artist halfway into the process of self-empowerment and with newfound determination to not lose oneself. The retro-arcade-influenced music video falls right into that tale seamlessly, with LA Laura Paris and her crew dancing among flashing lights and old-school gaming cabinets, thus creating a look suitable for the nostalgia factor within the music.

It was a very important departure in her career when she moved to Hollywood. She worked with American musicians, and her experience was so varied that it helped her in the production of her own music. This eclectic background and dedicated effort in her craft have helped her create a truly unique sound that has resonated with audiences worldwide.

Besides being a musician of repute, LA Laura Paris is an award-winning director and one of the main figures in the world of street art. This means that music is not the only field where creativity and vision come into play for the dynamic and leading representative of contemporary pop culture.

From the streets of Brussels to the stages of Hollywood, the itinerary of LA Laura Paris testifies to courage and genius. She mixes Parisian elegance with Hollywood glam and emerges as one of the most outstanding artists in the current pop-electro scene. On "Game Over," she pushes the limits of her craft yet again on a song that is both entertaining and extremely personal.

"Game Over" is now on all the relevant digital streams. Experience the energy and emotion from LA Laura Paris's all-new offering and join her in this electrifying new musical journey.

Listen to “Game Over” here: