Liquid Stranger Taps Luzcid for Scorching Downtempo Single “Snow Melt”

Liquid Stranger and LUZCID have once again put their creative minds together for a new collab called "Snow Melt."

"Snow Melt," which marks the first release on Liquid Stranger's SSKWAN imprint, pulls influence from his fan-favorite single “Dissolve” while ushering in a more melodic sound. The track is smooth, with a slower cadence and an ethereal ambiance that takes listeners on a psychedelic journey.

Setting the scene, the song opens with the sound of running water with eerie, subtle drips. Heavy kick drums and a syncopated snare drum drive the track forward before a cacophony of synths pour in. Turbulent in parts and smooth in others, the sound design ebbs and flows beautifully as the arrangement chugs along.

You can stream "Snow Melt" on your go-to platform here.