Listen to Biicla’s Otherworldly Sophomore Album, “Yes Place”

Biicla's sophomore album is here, and it's a stunner.

The trailblazing Russian singer-songwriter and electronic music producer has been pioneering his own brand of dance music for a number of years now, combining eerie melodies with house rhythms and warm sound design. Over two years since 2020's remarkable debut, No Place, Biicla has come into his own with Yes Place, a 10-track LP out now via Good Luck Have Fun.

Yes Place picks up where its predecessor left it off, with Biicla reflecting on an immense shift in his career during a turbulent time bouncing between Los Angeles and his hometown of Moscow. Sonically, it's his most ambitious musical endeavor to date, seamlessly taking listeners from heavenly vocal sections to hard-hitting bass drops and unpredictable drum patterns.

"For a few years, I have been thinking about where and how to move on," explained Biicla in a press statement. "Constant trips alone, a new team, new friends, and endless thoughts in my head, as well as my first performances in America. All of this was like in the movies, and naturally it affected my music."

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Biicla Press Shot

Listen to Biicla's Otherworldly Sophomore Album, "Yes Place"

The Russian trailblazer's new album further reinforces his staying power within the sphere of electronic music.

The celestial synths in “Intro (Keeping It Easy) effortlessly prepare listeners for what’s to come, before tracks like “I’m Not,” “Cigarettes” and “Mini Skrt” offer enchanting drops and captivating sound design. Carefully sprinkled throughout the tracklist, the album’s previously-released singles are perfectly reinforced within the context of the whole project.

Similarly, gems such as “Keep U Close,” and “Encore” round out its second half beautifully, making for a cohesive album that only further cements Biicla as a tastemaker within the sphere of dance music.

“The album No Place was about finding myself and in 2022 I think I found myself. I just decided to create a light dance album for you that will touch you to the depths of your soul, because it is inspired by the new events and people I have met during this time," Biicla added. "I share my fresh look at electronic music with you in this new album."