Listen to Remixes of Classic Elvis Presley Tracks by Chromeo, Dillon Francis, Big Boi

Big Boi, Chromeo, and Dillon Francis each took on the ambitious task of remixing none other than The King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley, breathing new life into three of his classics. 

The new versions created from Elvis' originals recorded between 1964 and 1970 are nothing short of transformative. Each producer has paired Elvis' original vocals with their own signature sonics with seemingly effortless ability and cohesion.

Chromeo established a new foundation of funk with their remix of "Clean Up Your Own Backyard." The storytelling single continues to spotlight Presley's vocals but the duo turns up the brightness with the inclusion of uplifting trumpet fanfare, filtered synths, and a pumping stringed bassline.

Big Boi works his magic on "Catchin' On Fast," infusing the romantic single with a sweat-inducing cadence of breakbeat drums. The Outkast artist finds room for his own verse on the track, adding glitzy vocals and adlibs to complement Presley.

Presley's "Do The Vega" had a bit of turbulent history as it was originally intended to become part of the 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas, in which Presley starred, but was never used. The dance original was released several years later, but only as a B-side. Dillon Francis plucked this hidden gem from the rough and went to great lengths to amplify its danceable qualities. The new version is anchored down by a chunky, modulated bassline and punchy drums, effectively turning the original into a modern house anthem.