Listen to the Debut Single from Holiday87, the New Alias of The Knocks’ Ben Ruttner

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has sparked a change of gears for many artists these past few months, and the latest to begin a new journey is Benjamin Ruttner of famed NYC electronic duo The Knocks. Ruttner has launched his solo project Holiday87, a concept that came to him while spending time at home in upstate New York, sparking the creative pull to return to his roots of sampling. His debut single "Lost" is out now and serves as a taste of his forthcoming self-titled album due out December 11th, 2020.

"Lost" is the perfect single for those who have ever experienced heartbreak and the numbing feeling that follows. He depicted this sense in the sample taken from Los Yesterdays' "I Can't Feel." He balances the sadness of the lyrics with a gentle house groove that has an uplifting sense of reassurance. Ruttner explained his inspiration behind the track in a press release, sharing that "it's ok to be lost/alone sometimes and that it will always get better." Alongside the release comes an intimately produced music video by Ruttner featuring his partner, actress Emmy Wheeler, at his parents' home in the country.   

The name Holiday87 stems from influences past and present, including samples from artists such as The Fairlines, Lady and The Foxettes, Herb Johnson, and Benny Soebardja. The new solo project serves as a candid look into the inner workings of Ruttner's psyche and his love for the warmth and wistfulness that nostalgia brings out in us. As a nod to his past working at an old record store, the forthcoming album has also been printed onto a limited number of cassette tapes. 

Along with the launch of the solo project came the announcement of a new record label called Black Clay. It's a new venture with ADA/Warner Music that aims to focus on developing projects in the electronic music space. It will be lead by Ruttner, his Knocks partner James Patterson, and their longtime manager, Steve Kopec

You can stream and download "Lost" across all platforms here.