Em Announces The Release Of Her New Album Titled Pathway to Aetheria

Retro-pop artist EM from New Jersey announces the release of her much-anticipated collection of sophisticated songs - an EP  titled Pathway To Aetheria. This is an indescribable, mesmerizing, and original confluence of a myriad of genres ranging from indie to pop, electro, and rock. Finding inspiration through her unique connection with the universe, EM is creating magical music through which she shares her difficult journey of healing, and tries to empower her listeners with pure feelings of love, mutual understanding, wisdom, and of course ethereal beauty.

This beautiful collection is dedicated to all those who sincerely seek enlightenment as EM depicts in her songs the difficult path she walked through bringing back healing, forgiveness, and acceptance after her dealing with anxiety, sorrow, grief, and mourning.

An astonishing work featured on Pathway To Aetheria, both lyrically and musically  is Em’s single titled “Anxiety” where she gives all those who swim in loneliness just to escape this, a dose of reality by sharing a powerful advice: “If it doesn’t serve you, then it makes no sense.”