Louis The Child Showcase a Matured Sound On “Euphoria” EP

Louis The Child have showcased their most mature sounds to date on Euphoria EP.

The Chicago native duo, who have made their name on youthful future-pop tracks with easily digested singalong lyrics such as "Better Not," "Weekend" and more, didn't hesitate to think outside the box.

From a production standpoint, it's easily the duo's most innovative effort since their start. On the whole, Euphoria is an EP of great contrast. At the core of it, Louis The Child's dedication to lush melodic soundscapes remains unwavering, but with a heavy dose of pumping kicks and biting bass added to the mix. Hearing the duo in this context makes everything feel as new and exciting as when we first listened to them. 

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Louis The Child Showcase a Matured Sound On "Euphoria" EP

Louis The Child's latest EP is something of a sonic rebirth for the Chicago duo.

This contrast of experimental sounds mixed with the duo's familiar strong suits is especially apparent on the EP's titular track "Euphoria." The same goes for its closer, "Waiting To Feel Like This," which was brought together in part by Skrillex, who nabbed a production credit on the track. 

From a songwriting standpoint, the EP also incorporates some of Louis The Child's most complex lyrical themes to date including the emotional rollercoaster of "hate u cuz i don't" with Bea Miller and the wistful "Hole In My Heart" alongside Livingston.

Catch Louis The Child on the road now on their eponymous "Euphoria" tour.


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