Louis The Child Teases Release of "Candy 2" Mixtape

While 2020 has already seen the release of Louis the Child's debut studio album, Here For Now, the powerhouse duo is already hard at work on their next project. While a release date is likely far in the future, social media posts have revealed a second edition of their Candy mixtape is in the works, titled Candy 2

Released exclusively on SoundCloud in 2017, the original Candy was a 25 minute-long compilation of unreleased samples and songs by Louis the Child, featuring additional tracks made with frequent collaborators Whethan and Bearson.

Paired with a visual companion, Louis the Child have made it clear this video counterpart will be a factor for Candy 2 as well. Nevada's Valley of Fire State Park was even shared as a potential location. 

For almost as long as Louis the Child has been around musically, the duo have also been staunch proponents of the photography world. From posts of their individual work on personal Instagrams to even a photography-dedicated Instagram account from Robby Hauldren, @robbyhasacamera, the art they capture is often colorful, aesthetically pleasing and analog film-inspired. Given this background, the visuals for Candy 2 are sure to excite.


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