MASTADON Officially Changes Name To MARAUDA Across All Socials

The dubstep wizard that is MASTADON has just recently changed his name. Now going by the moniker MARAUDA, the name change comes as a little bit a surprise and was unexpected to say the least. However it seems he had good reason to change his name and it is probably for the best.

The rebrand is mainly due to an Atlanta based metal band sharing the same name. Although I should mention that the band does not spell it exactly the same way that MASTADON did (band name spelled Mastodon), nevertheless to avoid getting confused with this band he decided to ficially make the switch. It remains unclear whether MASTADON was told to change his name by this band or if he just wanted to change it being that it would most likely make his brand stand out more.

Take a look at the screenshot below from MASTADON's twitter to see the ficial switch first hand…