MIME, GT_Ofice and Linney Inspire Easy Optimism With Latest Collab, "Young Hearts"

For their first official collaboration, rising electronic music producers MIME and GT_Ofice crafted an ode to their respective club-oriented sounds with "OUT OF MY HEAD" back in March.

Now, the two artists have joined forces once again, branching out into dance-pop territory with their latest single. This time around, they've tapped blossoming vocalist Linney as a third collaborator to drop a blissed-out anthem called "Young Hearts." Check out the track below.

Released today, January 8th, "Young Hearts" is an breezy dance-pop anthem, infusing bright synths and sun-kissed chords with a bouncy and uplifting bass drop. Honeyed vocals from Linney, who has also worked with ARMNHAMR and Tritonal, among others, round out the cheerful sonics of "Young Hearts," pulling together a theme  centered around the exhilaration that coincides with developing a new crush.

“This song is about meeting someone and feeling like you've known them forever—that something deeper connects you to them and you're pulled towards them like a magnet," the artists wrote in a press release. "We were old souls with young hearts."

After the miserable year we've all had, "Young Hearts" is the perfect dose of optimism to kickstart our second weekend of 2021. You can download and stream the track here. 


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