Steve Aoki Delivers Electrifying Remix of A.C.E’s "Fav Boys" Featuring Thutmose

Steve Aoki is no stranger to K-pop and his latest remix sees him jumping right back in the saddle. This time around, he's taken A.C.E's "Fav Boys" and added an electrifying punch to the hit single. 

Aoki's remix package of A.C.E's "Fav Boys" offers fans an interesting of trio of versions to listen to. While on the surface the remixes seem relatively similar, they each cultivate a unique feel through subtle nuances. The first remix contains a freshly reworked verse exclusively performed in English by A.C.E, while the second includes a guest verse from Thutmose that adds an excellent dose of hip-hop flavor to the track. Finally, Aoki has provided an instrumental version that is the most chilled-out of the bunch. 

Aoki, A.C.E, and Thutmose have also released a music video to accompany the remix package. The video introduces a neon-soaked world with with glitchy, distorted moments that blend effortlessly with the rolling bassline Aoki has included in his remix.

Watch the music video for Steve Aoki's remix of "Fav Boys" by A.C.E featuring Thutmose below.