Moore Kismet Unleashes Insane Remix For Dirty Audio's "Run & Go"

I remember writing about the original “Run & Go” from Dirty Audio featuring Shai Hicari back in February and absolutely loving it. In the time since, I’ve met Moore Kismet in person, and now he just dropped a remix the tune. Coincidence!? Yeah, probably. But the tune still bangs.

The original definitely packs a wallop. Between Hicari’s sweet vocals and the terribly intense drop, it runs the gamut on vibes. Moore Kismet takes a more unilateral approach to his remix, centering the sound rather than letting it oscillate to quite such extreme poles. His glitchy inclinations permeate the mix, even down to Hicari’s voice which is slightly more digitized in this new version.

That being said, the second drop is definitely more dreamlike than the robot wonderland presented in the first act.

Check out Moore Kismet’s remix “Run & Go” from Dirty Audio below, out now Thrive Music!