Music Producers Are Flocking to Remix This “Stranger Things” Song: Listen to Our 5 Favorites

When Kate Bush released "Running Up That Hill" in 1985, we'd wager she didn't expect the song to top the Billboard 200 chart 27 years after its release. But sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

After finding new life in Netflix's hit sci-fi series Stranger Things, the persevering song's meteoric rise has attracted a new faction of admiring music producers looking to put their spin on it.

Read on to listen to five of our favorite remix interpretations of "Running Up That Hill."

Running Up That Hill (Lookas Remix)

With his invigorating remix, Lookas aptly captures the spirit of the mysterious Stranger Things universe by pairing bellowing horns with curiously percolating synths.

Running Up That Hill (ANGEMI Remix)

ANGEMI is ready to command the dancefloor after seamlessly outfitting Bush's original with a pumping progressive house groove and energizing arpeggios.

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Music Producers Are Flocking to Remix This "Stranger Things" Song: Listen to Our 5 Favorites

Kate Bush's old-but-gold single from 1985, "Running Up That Hill," found new life in Netflix's hit sci-fi series—and in the charts.

Running Up That Hill (Vintage Culture Remix)

Vintage Culture infuses "Running Up That Hill" with a late-night twist, amping up the moodiness by pitching Bush's vocals down and blending them with reverberating basslines. 

Running Up That Hill (Louis La Roche Remix)

Despite producing a dramatic switch-up compared to the original, Louis La Roche doesn't miss a stride in creating a chilled-out version of "Running Up That Hill" fit for the lounge.

Running Up That Hill (Addal Edit)

Addal brings the brass in full force on his house rendition, incorporating heady trumpet leads and voluminous orchestral horns into his cinematic remix.