MYRNE Explores Self-Discovery on 7-Track "Wandering" EP

MYRNE's stint in dance music has been a rather successful one, jumping into the scene in 2015 as the first Asian artist to release on Mad Decent. Since, his passionate releases have landed him on labels such as Monstercat, Universal, Ultra, and many more. Today, he has returned with his comprehensive Wandering EP.

MYRNE's Wandering EP is a dreamy collection of indie-electronic tunes that are inspired by "nature and day-to-day existence," according to a press release. The Singaporean producer goes on to explain that "it feels very liberating writing music spontaneously without conscious planning." His carefree approach is effortlessly mimicked on the EP, as each song seems to be rooted in a relaxed, airy feel. 

Wandering opens with "Superstructure," a patiently paced track that serves as a well-rounded intro to the EP. The following three tunes were released previously, starting with "Forbidden Lovers." The melancholic single addresses those who are currently separated from their significant other. "Sleeping On My Own Again" is a natural follow-up, as the song explores laying in bed at 2AM after a breakup. "Splinter" with salem ilese then turns the energy around with soft percussion and mellow synths.

"False Memory" acts as an interlude, curating a cinematic soundscape built upon delicate vocal chops. "Loving You Is Scary" maintains the laid-back feel introduced in the interlude, as Cody Lovaas has lent his soothing vocals to keep things on the chill side. "Creature Comfort" with Vania is the most climactic moment on the EP, infusing energy with a bright guitar riff and graceful piano chords.

Overall, Wandering is the expansion of MYRNE's sound that fans have been craving. The EP speaks volumes about his growth, refinement of sound, and clear vision for his project. It's MYRNE's best work to date and has us excited for what he'll bring to the table in the future.