Mystic Grizzly – A New Existence [Bassrush Records]

In the realms the unknown, honing in on the sonic weirdness that this artists centralizes on, a portal opens from the label Bassrush Records spearheaded by Mystic Grizzly. Featuring three tracks groundbreaking, ceiling-shattering bass music, this mastermind is just getting started. With a unique approach that highlights an undiscovered territory through space and time, the musical foundation it resides in collides with an imaginative galaxy uncharted talent. The result being this amazing collection production.

With each track characterizing a different parallel the artists creative prowess, this is sure to turn heads with each new listen near and far.

Releases like these are important. It grants the users an imagery for them to translate within their own imagination, sonically connecting in its own signature way to each individual that listens to it. The personal diversifying connection that develops with tracks like this, is unmatched. This is big.

You can purchase the entire EP here: