New Artist Profile: CAIN Explores the Depths of 'My Mind'

CAIN’s sound could be marketed a number ways: the brand-new solo artist has elements 21 Pilots and other emo indie pop bands in his vocals and composition while there’s a definite electro-pop element running through the music his first single, “My Mind,” while the beat structure is straight up EDM. However one chooses to classify CAIN, however, there’s a lot diversity and potential in this single track.

When “My Mind” opens, many listeners my write the track f as pop punk laced with emo, but a few bars in, it’s easy to see there’s more than meets the ear here. The amen break played by what sounds like an analog snare drum should be an indication, but things really get really interesting at the first drop. The afore-mentioned amen snare, CAIN’s vox and some seriously theatrical synths all combine for an emotive effect that has some serious impact.

The double chorus repeats with even more impact after the break, which contains good music production but some possibly questionable rapped lyrics. Said lyrics go well with the song but it remains to be seen as to whether CAIN will keep this unique brand rapping as part his style going forward. The track finishes smoothly, with one more repeat the chorus and that emotive accompanying music, really driving home the catchiness and diversity this track.

Being this is the first single for CAIN it’s possible that none what’s in this track will continue on with him but it’s clear he has a solid base and a lot diversity. CAIN’s creative “mind” is definitely one to watch.

“My Mind” is out now and available to stream on Spotify.