New Artist Spotlight: UNDREAM’s Early Refinement is Only the Beginning for his Bright Future

Last June, UNDREAM debuted his first single, "Freak." Since its initial release, the young Swedish producer has premiered one other tune and garnered 1.7 million streams across both songs on Spotify alone. His latest single, "Nightmare" with Neoni, is a continuation of his haunting yet playful sound.

"Nightmare" embraces the sinister side of music production. UNDREAM expertly uses ethereal synths, creeping basslines, and unsettling samples to trap listeners in an inescapable, eerie dreamscape. Neoni's pleas serve as the only tie to reality, further immersing listeners into their unsettling and impressive new ballad. 

Discussing "Nightmare," UNDREAM says "abstract imagery and unexplainable situations are things that inspire most of my sounds." Neoni continues, "'Nightmare' is set in your childhood bedroom... those monsters we used to be so scared of come back to life in different forms; stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, relationships, work, etc."

Though UNDREAM now only has three releases under his belt, his quick rise in popularity is a clear indicator of the bright career he has ahead of him. His unique style is one of a kind, capturing nightmarish sounds while managing to make his tracks catchy. 

Listen to "Nightmare" below.