Ninajirachi Returns With Scorching Double-Single on Sable Valley: Listen

Earlier this year, Australian triple-threat DJ, producer, and songwriter Ninajirachi released her stunning True North album in collaboration with Kota Banks. The release only bolstered her impressive catalog, bringing with it stellar cuts like "Middle Of The Night," "Secretive!," and "Opus."

Ninajirachi has now returned with a scorching new double-single that serves as the perfect summertime heater.

"Dracodraco" is the titular track and "Stoneteller" is its wonderful B-side. The former opens with a subdued reese bass layered under a beautiful arpeggio, as the vocals ring out an enchanting melody. At the drop, percussion takes center stage in a trappy main section packed with energy and an attention to detail that drives the groove forward. The second drop goes entirely four-to-the-floor, changing the vibe up and calling back to the driving sonics of the early aughts while delivering a fresh sound for 2021.



On the flip side, "Stoneteller" provides a more relaxed atmosphere. Soothing soundscapes, atmospheric pads, and clever use of the timeless "Think" drum break provide the basis of the track, with just as much technical gusto as the song's namesake. Teeming with ethnic soundscapes and wondrous, reverberating white noise, "Stoneteller" could still become a dancefloor banger but feels entirely cinematic in nature.

Ninajirachi's latest is a testament to her skill as a songwriter and will undoubtedly thrive as a formidable follow-up to her 2021 album. "Dracodraco" is out now via RL Grime's Sable Valley imprint and can be found on streaming platforms here.