Nurko Takes Soaring Sound to New Heights On New EP, “Arrival”

Coming off his biggest year yet that includes a phenomenal collaboration with ILLENIUM and Valerie Broussard, Nurko has unveiled his Arrival EP.

Though fans have already been introduced to three of the five tracks featured, hearing them in Nurko's chosen order helps define the tone of the EP. The slow-burning intro helps paint a vivid soundscape, directly leading into "Disappearing Now" (with Chander Leighton). Her ethereal vocals guide listeners through a familiar path, as she croons about struggling to clearly define one's identity.

The following tune, "Lost Without You" (with Crystal Skies and KnownAsNat), continues the moving presence found early on in the EP. KnownAsNat conveys heartbreak through her lyrics while the abundance of soaring synths and pounding percussion effortlessly provide her a platform.

"Spinnin' Wheels" (with JT Roach) and "Breathing Again" (with skye silansky) close out the EP and offer the most distinct changes from the first half. The former serves as a beautifully written ballad, giving Roach a stage to show off his voice over a subtle drop. The latter, however, kicks up the energy with an old-school electro sound.

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Nurko Takes Soaring Sound to New Heights On New EP, "Arrival"

Nurko continues to solidify himself as a melodic dubstep staple.

Listen to Arrival below and find the EP on streaming platforms here.