“Old Flume” Returns: 10 Years After Debut Album, Flume Dusts Off Decade-Old Music

2012: the year of "Gangnam Style," The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Flume's influential, self-titled debut album. Feel old yet? 

Hopefully you're not feeling as old as the dinosaur of a MacBook Pro that Flume was produced on, which he dug up and refurbished to celebrate the album's anniversary on November 9th. Thought by Flume to be lost to time, the computer is full of unreleased cuts, including something "really special" that he's promised will be released soon.

In videos shared via TikTok, Flume can be seen scrolling through old project files that include fan-favorite releases like "Sleepless," "Space Cadet" and "Jaguar," the latter of which is a What So Not classic that apparently started out as "The Jaguar Trap Project." Folders with names like "Techno God" and "The Jungle Wobble Project" hint at incomplete creative endeavors. 

And earlier this week, Flume posted a special, behind-the-scenes look at the production of "On Top" (with T-Shirt). "This Flume guy is pretty good. Keep making music and you’ll be famous!" joked one viewer in the comments.

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"Old Flume" Returns: 10 Years After Debut Album, Flume Dusts Off Decade-Old Music

The Grammy-winning Aussie teased the release of "something special" he found in the files of his old laptop.

The verdict is in: Flume's fans are hungry for a throwback era, and it sounds like he's finally ready to provide. He went on to tease a new track, "Slugger," which is expected to release soon.


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