Oliver Heldens and Warner Case Evoke the Supernatural On “Believe In Ghosts”

While the existence of supernatural entities remains up for debate, there's nothing that's smoke and mirrors about Oliver Heldens and Warner Case's collaborative single, "Believe In Ghosts."

Setting a unique atmosphere with the combination of a hushed vocal delivery, sweeping white noise, and bursting ambient textures, "Believe In Ghosts" remains thoroughly committed to curating an environment enshrouded in an enticing aura of mystery that invites listeners to lean in. 

When the track's spirited bassline really kicks in, however, there's little ambiguity left to betray your senses. Oliver Heldens and Warner Case share an affinity for spellbinding basslines and their synergistic approach to dominating the dancefloor with simple and catchy rhythms shines through like a mirror's unwavering reflection. 

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Oliver Heldens and Warner Case Evoke the Supernatural On "Believe In Ghosts"

Heldens and Case exemplify a stylistic synergy that's led to an undeniable hit.

In a statement to EDM.com, Case echoed that the collaboration came together seamlessly through and through.

"Oliver and I blended our styles seamlessly; every idea either of us came up with just worked," he said. "'Believe in Ghosts' feels like a bundle of hooky, bumping energy from start to finish, and we’re very proud of it!"

While fans may or may not be persuaded to believe in ghosts upon first listen, we're betting they'll return to this catchy Heldeep offering many times over before they decide. You can stream the track here.


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