Ronny Shome Shows Stunning Versatility In Latest Releases

British London-based songwriter and producer Ronny Shome shows some stunning versatility in his latest releases. Titled “Breakthrough,” “Summer Dreams,” “Get Up,” “You’re The One,” and “Want You To Know,” Ronny’s latest songs were all produced between 2018 and 2021, each offering a different style, mood and sonic design, all set to appeal to the masses. 

From sadness to joy, melancholic vibes to euphoria, Ronny Shome is a restless creator of sounds and writer who finds inspiration in various artists’ works, mainly from the 80s, including Michael Jackson and Madonna and even bands like U2, Guns' N' Roses, Bryan Adams, to name a few.

It all started when Ronny Shome’s parents suggested that he learn an instrument at eight years old, and Ronny chose the piano. This choice proved its efficiency, as it later on helped the artist for  playing chords and crafting phrases which, in turn, led him naturally to songwriting. 

Speaking about the emotional and melodic single “You’re The One,” Ronny shares: “It was completely crafted by me. I went to a recording studio to record it but the piano playing is all done by myself. It's a song about someone (not necessarily a partner) who completely understands you and is on the same wavelength.”  

For “Breakthrough,” Ronny explains: “It was composed by playing some chords on the piano and then hearing a melody and then feeling a 'rock/pop' vibe. It's a song about everyone being human regardless of colour, race, creed etc.”

The intuitive Ronny has written hundreds of songs, and he will be releasing them over the next few years. The diversity and rich sonics included in each of Ronny Shome’s songs are two of the elements allowing us to foresee a bright future for the artist in the music world, so make sure to get familiar with his beautiful art!

Listen To Ronny Shome’s latest singles: