Over 8,000 People Tested Their Drugs At Festivals This Year

Over the summer, festie goers by the thousands had their drugs tested at various music events across the UK. From Bestival to Boomtown Fair, Love Saves The Day to Y-Not, more than 8,000 total people came forward to get their stuff tested.

This increase in on-site testing started as part a harm reduction initiative backed by to keep music fans informed and safe. The nonprit has made the benefits drug testing very clear — the service helps point out substances concern, provides valuable research, and identifies trends in the drug market.

The organization provided seven festivals with “front house” testing facilities: Bestival, Boomtown Fair, Love Saves the Day, Y-Not Festival, Boardmasters, Kendal Calling and MADE Festival. At other events, testing was carried out behind the scenes, including Parklife, Truck Festival, South West Four, Lost Village and Mistress Mary.

The most popular drugs brought in for testing were MDMA, ketamine and cocaine.

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