Papa Khan Drops Stunning "BLOSSOM" EP on Marshmello’s JoyTime Collective

Bass music's Prodigal Son, Papa Khan, has returned with a massive four-track EP. Doubling down on the explosive success of his breakthrough single "Rain," the Indonesian young gun has unveiled BLOSSOM, a song-cycle of sublime, innovative electronic music.

Papa Khan's BLOSSOM EP is a natural fit on Marshmello's JoyTime Collective banner. Devoid of the saccharine flavors of Mello's earlier sounds, each of the record's four tracks knock with a riddim ferocity while remaining under a melodic umbrella. It's a formula that Papa Khan has concocted with precision, and represents a beautiful dichotomy for bass music fans looking for bass music with substance. 

After kicking off the project with "Rain," Papa Khan follows with the aptly-titled "Utopia," a future riddim bomb with drops containing the same forward-thinking synth syncopation as it's predecessor. "Diary of a poor kid" follows, leading listeners in with a siren song of brooding strings before uncorking a gorgeous melodic trap drop. He then closes out the EP with its titular track, tying a bow on the project with a triumphant future bass ballad.

You can find BLOSSOM on all streaming platforms here.