Paper Idol Delivers Catchy Indie-Infused Smash "Tightrope"

Although it's been a while since we've heard from Paper Idol, the budding talent isn't going anywhere. Back in October, he released his effortlessly catchy single, "Clouds." Just a few months later, the Los Angeles-based artist returns with his follow-up, "Tightrope," out via CloudKid

Paper Idol states "Tightrope" is about "the things we crave the most, and how they can bring as much pain as pleasure." The track embraces his signature blend of indie and electronic music. His charming vocals are featured throughout the tune and are accompanied by lively percussion and intermittent synth stabs, creating a groovy environment we can't get enough of.

Paper Idol aims to create music that enlivens and inspires listeners while simultaneously delivering a substantial message. "Tightrope" may not have the most uplifting theme, but the sound remains as sanguine as ever. 

Listen to "Tightrope" below.