Party Favor Unveils "THE ISOLATION ALBUM," an Eclectic Collection of Lockdown-Inspired Instrumentals

Every individual has their own way of spending time while under lockdown due to COVID-19. Some bake their own focaccia, invent zany drinking games, or learn a new skill. Others, like electronic music producer Party Favor, hone in on their musical abilities to offer new music during a time when creativity can easily stifled, even in those who are considered the most prolific.

The Los Angeles-based dance music star has unveiled THE ISOLATION ALBUM, an eclectic collection of lockdown-inspired instrumental jams that he created over the course of the pandemic.

Spanning 13 tracks, the project blazons Party Favor's versatile skill set and proclivity to wander across the many sub-genres of EDM with the craftsmanship of a seasoned vet. The two standouts here are "WUT," a sultry, seductive jazz and trap hybrid, and "IT MIGHT NOT SEEM LIKE IT RIGHT NOW, BUT IT GETS BETTER," a haunting deep house bop akin to the hypnotic stylings of Lane 8.

You can listen to THE ISOLATION ALBUM in full below.