PEEKABOO Sends Listeners on a Sonic Journey With New Track from Elixir Alias

Back in November, PEEKABOO quietly unveiled his new side project, Elixir. Eschewing most of the heavy sound design attributed to his previous releases, the lighter sonics have been a refreshing change of pace for fans looking for something a little more low-key.

Both a fan and artist favorite, PEEKABOO quickly became one of the bass world's most treasured producers and Elixir is the perfect outlet for flexing his production capabilities. Hitting the new year running, he recently shared a dreamy new track from Elixir called "Autumn Sunset."

It's immediately noticeable that his new sound is quite different from many of the hard-hitting, space bass tunes that make up his main project's library. What they do have in common, however, is the ability to take listeners on a sonic journey to otherworldly lands with each meticulously-crafted sound. This is on full display in "Autumn Sunset," a hip-hop-inspired beat accompanied by twinkling keys that creates a chilled-out, dreamlike atmosphere.

While it may not have the mosh pit-inducing qualities of tracks like "POWA" or "Maniac," the relaxing single comes at the perfect time considering the vast majority of live shows are not yet safe and most of our musical consumption revolves around quiet, introspective listening sessions. 

In addition to "Autumn Sunset," PEEKABOO has released two singles since the debut of his Elixir side project last fall. You can check out the three tracks on his alias' SoundCloud here.