Pegboard Nerds and Sophon “Shine” On Monstercat Drum & Bass Banger: Listen

The relationship between Pegboard Nerds and Monstercat is the gift that keeps on a giving.

The Scandinavian bass music duo are longtime favorites of the Monstercat faithful, releasing music on the powerhouse indie electronic music label at a dizzying pace over the course of the last decade. Tracks like 2012's "Disconnected" and 2016's "Weaponize" continue to be rinsed by their dance music contemporaries in DJ sets and music festival performances.

Pegboard Nerds have now returned to Monstercat with a riveting single called "Shine," which arrives under the imprint's "Uncaged" banner. A drum & bass banger, the new track was produced in collaboration with fellow electronic music duo Sophon, the side project of Pegboard Nerds' Alexander Odden and producer Subsquare. Take a listen below.

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Pegboard Nerds and Sophon "Shine" On Monstercat Drum & Bass Banger: Listen

Pegboard Nerds said the new track has made fans "lose their minds" whenever they drop it live.

"It’s kind of a perfect Scandinavian sandwich of drums and bass, topped with the retro gaming-esque leads, chant-able hooks, and high production quality Pegboard Nerds are known for," the duo said in a joint statement. "We have always dabbled with drum and bass, but it’s fun to just go all-in on a track like this. It is such a banger and has such a joyous feel and a dance-floor ready drop. Sadly we’ve only had a few gigs so far during the pandemic, but on every single one, 'Shine' has made the crowd lose their minds. It’s been a sight for sore eyes during this crappy time."

"We’re excited for the first Sophon release on Monstercat," added Sophon. "It’s been a lot of fun to work on this. Alex and I share many melodic sensibilities, having grown up with a lot of dance and trance music in the 90s. When we started Sophon, we used the opportunity to switch things up, production-wise, and 'Shine' is the first track where we’ve used BitWig Studio all the way through.”

You can listen to "Shine" on your go-to streaming platform here.