Pixel 3 XL Leak Confirms Controversial Display Notch

Nowadays, Apple, Samsung, and Google have to deal with leaks exposing new products before launch. Leaks come out so ten, that we expect to know what the new devices will look like before they are revealed. Google is set to reveal it’s brand new Pixel 3 XL in a couple months, a brand new device to stand up to Apple’s lineup. Unfortunately for Google, two pictures a prototype have leaked. After inspecting the images, the design the prototype looks similar to last years Pixel 2 XL except for one major difference on the front screen. A notch.

The front display notch has sparked major debate right after its debut by Apple. Some users absolutely despise the notch, while others get used to it and like it. After looking back at previous Pixel 3 XL leaks, all the designs have added up. The aluminum build the phone will stay for at least another year, with the fingerprint scanner on the back the device. The front the prototype seen below showcases a large notch on the top the device. Unlike the iPhone X, the Pixel 3 XL will have a black bezel (or chin) on the bottom the device. The combined black chin and now black notch might be a deal-breaker for some, and a major design mistake by Google.

If the final product does have an aluminum backing, wireless charging is out the picture. A simple glass back could make wireless charging possible but also make the phone more fragile to damage. Additionally, we can spot how the Pixel 3 XL prototype has a singe-lens camera, not as impressive as the dual-lens system found in Apple’s devices. Not to forget, the headphone jack will also be taken out, eliminating plug in headphones. Supposedly, the circular symbol on the back the phone is an ficial Google Prototype symbol.

The loading screen seen in the prototype also confirms the code-name “crosshatch”, as well some device specs: 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. It is reported that a 64GB base model will also be available. This major leak gives us an idea what to expect for the ficial announcement this October. It’s unlikely the notch and front chin will disappear this year but wireless charging could still be possible. Would you be interested in buying the Pixel 3 XL if it is exactly like the above prototype?