Premiere: Darcey Electronics ‘Auto Zap’

Amsterdam-based Darling and Tracey have teamed up as Darcey Electronics for the debut release on new label Plant Life. 

The imprint, a new venture from DJ and promoter Ally Tropical, will be a home for “textural, experimental electronics”, and throughout its first, four-track outing, ‘Hallo’, rhythms rustle like a breeze through a forest. 

From the syncopated beats and chirping melodies of ‘Morgen’ and ‘Handbirds’, to the glowing kosmische hum and organic percussion of ‘The Berries’, this is an EP to move with when the dancefloor still feels far away. ‘Hallo’ does have staying-power for whenever we do make it back to the dancefloor, mind you, with the dizzy pulse and electro-like buzz of closer ‘Auto Zap’ sending the EP off into space for its final dash. Check it out below. 

'Hallo' is out on 31st July. Pre-order it here.