Premiere: Egg Meat ‘Climate and Resilience’

Premiere: Egg Meat ‘Climate and Resilience’

London label Alien Jams’ second and final release of 2022 is a collaboration between Georgie McVicar and Laurel Uziell (aka Tooth Rust) under the Egg Meat moniker. Listen to ‘Climate and Resilience’ below. 

Across five tracks, the duo explores the electronic intersection that Chloe Frieda’s label thrives in, balancing dancefloor propulsion with experimental techniques and strange sonic flourishes. It’s familiar terrain for both artists: last year, Georgie McVicar released the album, ‘Tiny Grassland’ via Mutualism, which combined experimental electronics with a book of poetry, short essays, a play, interviews and more. Under the Tooth Rust alias, Uziell has released captivatingly off-beat club music on labels such as Cherche Encore and Turin’s early reflex.

As Egg Meat, the pair mix metallic techno beats with industrial drones and rumbling bass. Words from poet Danny Hayward appear throughout the release, though the music is strictly not “spoken word” adjacent. Instead, his voice is twisted, chopped and heavily altered, acting more like an eerie instrument or hypnotic tool. 

‘Climate and Resilience’ is a looping techno roller, with Hayward’s words writhing and glitching over a rumbling beat. 

‘Egg Meat’ will be released this Friday 18th November. Pre-order it here

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