Premiere: Francesca Lombardo ‘Sea’

Premiere: Francesca Lombardo ‘Sea’

Francesca Lombardo will release a new EP, ‘Magic Moments’, via Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings this month. Listen to the B-side, ‘Sea’, below. 

Her debut EP for the label, and her first solo release since 2020’s ‘Horizone’ EP on Echoe, finds the Italian DJ and producer serving up two thumping deep house cuts; her knack for  tasteful grooves and subtle melodic flourishes moves through these tracks like a trademark.

The lyrics of the title track are taken from a poem by Lombardo’s friend VIKTORIIA, whose voice is heard on the track beneath a wiry synth lead and bubbling Moog bassline. 

‘Sea’ is tougher; its stomping beat and wriggly synths give it a peak time edge. Stretching over 9 minutes, it rolls and rolls like a dancefloor-hypnotising spell. Check it out below. 

‘Magic Moments’ will be released on 15th July. Pre-order it here