Premiere: gayphextwin ‘garbadgewoman’

Jacktone Records will release the new album from San Francisco artist gayphextwin on 5th June. 

Returning to Doc Sleep and dabecy’s reliably excellent label for the fifth time, gayphextwin’s new nine-track offering ‘progesterstoned’ is described as “intersection of alt-rock and dubstep”. More broadly, throughout the album the artist traverses genres while mutating them with her own distinct style. From sizzling glitchy beats a lá AFX and Squarepusher to distorted ambience and bubbling bass grooves, it’s an at times dizzying and endlessly rewarding listen.

‘garbadgewoman’, the album’s penultimate track, is one of its heavier moments, lunging forward with a broken techno beat and skittering electronic trills. Like tracks on a recent split EP with Pépe on Jacktone/Naive, ‘garbagewoman’ wields its ferocity well, never losing grip of its jagged rhythms or searing energy. Check it out below. 

Pre-order ‘progesterstoned’, with striking artwork also by gayphextwin, here.